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This Sweet Fruit Can Help Prevent Dementia

Jul 24, 2019

This is the first in a series of three articles on Brain SuperFoods… foods that can protect you from dementia, improve your memory, and even help you grow new brain cells.

When you finish reading this article you will be able to achieve more in your life because you will know how to nourish your brain with delicious foods that promote a sharp mind and protect your brain cells from damage.

Foods That Are Good For Your Brain

If you have read our other articles, you know that foods that cause inflammation, oxidative damage, and contribute to weight gain and obesity are bad for your stem cells and bad for your brain cells.

Brain Foods Have The Following Qualities:

  • Antioxidant
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Provide minerals and nutrients for your brain and body
  • Organic, free of pesticides and herbicides and other brain-damaging toxins
  • Delicious, so you will enjoy eating them

Other qualities to look for are rich in healthy fats, like Omega-3 Fatty acids. Not all brain foods are rich in healthy fats, but many of them are.

Our first Brain SuperFood is a sweet fruit dark in color and rich in antioxidants…Blueberries

Benefits of Blueberries:

  • Improve memory
  • Enhance blood flow to the brain
  • Low in calories, rich in nutrients
  • Rich in antioxidants
  • Protect against aging
  • Anti-Cancer properties
  • Promote healthy cholesterol levels
  • Help lower blood pressure
  • Reduce your risk of heart disease
  • Support a healthy brain
  • Can help with Diabetes
  • Fight urinary tract infections
  • Protect your stem cells from damage
  • Improve communication between brain cells

Most importantly, Blueberries are great for your brain. They protect your brain from oxidative damage, can help reduce inflammation – which is one of the primary causes of Alzheimer’s, and improve your memory.

Research on Blueberries

British researchers investigated the impact of eating blueberries on cognitive performance. The study lasted 12 weeks, and they measured how blueberries influenced blood flow in the brain and affected memory.

Here is what they found:

  • Blueberries increased brain activity
  • Those who ate blueberries had increased blood flow to the brain
  • Blueberries improved working memory

5 Ways to Enjoy Blueberries

1. Start your day off with a Blueberry Smoothie
a. You can add a banana to increase sweetness and create a smooth texture

2. Add Blueberries to Ice Cream
a. Make sure your ice cream is not full of refined sugar because that can cause inflammation and hurt your brain.
b. Halo Top ice cream is a brand of ice cream that does not use refined sugar.

3. Enjoy Blueberries in your Oatmeal

4. Put some Blueberries on your Cheese Plate

5. Savor Fresh Blueberries on their own as a Snack
a. Fresh, organic blueberries taste so good on their own you won’t need to add anything else to enjoy them.

Pro Tip:
Make sure to buy Organic Blueberries. Otherwise you could be ingesting pesticides that can harm your brain.

And it is important to remember that protecting your brain can be fun and delicious

To your health,

The Healing Miracle Team

P.S. We know that you value your brain and that you want a sharp memory for many years to come.

We’ve put together a new eBook just for you, full of cutting-edge research and developments to keep your brain healthy. You need to know what’s happening to your brain and the risks you’re facing.

Click here to learn more so you can start protecting your brain immediately.


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  1. Denny

    For years, I have always felt blueberries to be important daily. This confirms why God made me feel this way. I will continue to eat blueberries daily, knowing they are good for my health.

  2. Louis Katz

    Excellent article. Good simple information.

    • THM Team

      Thank you for your support and encouraging words.

  3. Zaghlool

    Very much appreciated and enjoy it thank you for keeping me me informed

    • THM Team

      Glad to hear the information was useful for you.

  4. Drbbie

    I love organic blueberries. We try to have some almost everyday.

  5. Carl Spivs

    Excellent content!
    Very helpful!

  6. Terri Busch LCSW

    Yes thank you for reinforcing my delight with blueberries.. didn’t know about All of the brain health…

  7. Nita

    I have a blueberry smoothie every morning, I add spinach cauliflower, avocado, strawberry with tumeric and flaxseed, yummy!! Thanks for what you share!!

    • THM Team

      We are happy to hear your story and feedback.

  8. Gladys


  9. LizC

    Wild blueberries are amazing as well. Small and
    soo delicious! I have them in an overnight mix that I make for breakfast each day. You can usually find them in frozen food area.

  10. Joanna

    All the information that you give is informative & very important for health and longevity. It is greatly appreciated & plz keep it coming!
    Thanks a million

  11. Patricia

    I have at least half a cup of blueberries a day, either in a smoothie are on cereal or oatmeal. I love blueberries and knowing how good they are for you makes it even better


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