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Stem cells save man from ‘nasty’ disease that was turning him to “stone”

Sep 22, 2019

Dave Kurtz, a seven-time competitor in Ironman races, was a literal picture of health whenever he crossed the finish line. The successful businessman enjoyed his life, and could not figure out why he began losing strength last year. Shortly after the first incident, though, his physician determined the cause to be Systemic Scleroderma.

The disease can move quickly through some patients, and Doctor David Prentice of the Charlotte Lozier Institute calls it a “nasty” life-threatening disease because of the crippling symptoms.

According to him, Systemic Scleroderma turns the body to stone. It affects everything from the skin and extremities (fingers and toes) to the internal organs. Once the disease begins working on the lungs, it can quickly kill the patient. 

In Dave Kurtz’s case, he soon found himself knocked down by pain and fatigue. His wife encouraged him to fight back and pushed him to seek alternative treatments. Eventually, they discovered Doctor Richard Burt of Northwestern University and his work with adult stem cells. Soon after, Dave began a treatment regimen with stem cells drawn from his own body. 

The results have been impressive. Doctor Prentice explains that it is too early to use the word cure, but Dave’s recovery is certainly progressing very well. The patient certainly agrees with that statement, and feels so much better he is now preparing to sail across the Atlantic Ocean. 

Dave Kurtz’s story caught the attention of Doctor Prentice and the Charlotte Lozier Institute because of their very vocal support of research into using adult stem cells for medical treatment. Doctor Prentice and the Institute remain an opponent of using human embryos however, citing the success of adult stem cells in Dave Kurtz and other patients who have been successfully treated for heart disease, multiple sclerosis, sickle cell, Systemic lupus and the after-effects of stroke.

More than two million patients have been treated successfully with adult stem cells.

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  1. Mike

    Where did David receive his treatments?

  2. Patricia Baker

    I also used my own stem cells for Scleroderma. I had five months symptom free. The issue with stem cell treatment is that it’s expensive, not covered by insurance and the treatment needs to be repeated. I think cord blood and exosomes also need to be explored. Keep in mind, however, that Scleroderma, in my opinion is caused by a reduced oxygen occurrence, such as solvent exposure or trauma and a deep cell infection. That also needs to be treated.

  3. john m

    this is a lot of BS, my stem cell treatment left me a handicap for not being able to use my shoulder due to constant pain for the last three years. I would think twice before making the procedure.

    • THM Team

      We are sorry to hear about your experience but, like with many procedures the results can vary.

  4. G. Vern Farrar

    Is there a big variation in the price of stem cell procedures and if so give me some lows and highs thanks

  5. Chris

    Can stem cells be used to reverse DNA manipulation that happened due to the use of Cipro bay or being floxed?


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