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Johns Hopkins Reviews Stem Cell Treatment for Joint Repair

Hopkins biomedical engineers have been successful in growing tissue that's similar to cartilage, a process that could one day be used to fix injured knees via a minimally invasive surgery.  The researchers inject a nutrient- and stem cell-rich fluid into the tissue,...

How a one-time CRISPR shot could obliterate lower back pain

The National Science Academy in the US has hosted its first International Commission meeting to discuss Human Genome Editing and its clinical use. Controversial topics such as the use of CRISPR for human sperm, eggs, and fertilized ova was covered after He Jiankui, a...

The Positive Effects of Stem Cell Therapy on Osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis is a chronic disease that affects more and more individuals each year. The cartilage substance within the knee wears away, leading to symptoms such as tenderness, stiffness and pain. It's been said that 67 million people will be suffering from knee...

These athletes are maintaining their “A” game with stem cells

These athletes are maintaining their “A” game with stem cells

Stem cell therapy is quickly becoming a popular option among professional athletes with chronic pain. To date there are 5 athletes, highly regarded in their respective sport, that have undergone stem cell treatment to great effect. Recently, Los Angeles baseball...

Can stem cells really replace joint surgery?

The US Food and Drug Administration has warned against the hype surrounding stem cells and its cure-all aspect, notably the fact that some clinics are offering non-approved stem cell therapy. A report from Kaiser Health News revealed that a stem cell company has plans...

What Can Stem Cell Therapy Do For Arthritis?

The debate continues about the true healing power of stem cells, with some critics demanding clinical trials before accepting the validity of successful case studies. With stem cell therapy being called the “miracle cure” for a vast array of conditions, the...

Signal blocks stem cell division in the geriatric brain

After studying the activity of stem cells in the brains of mice, researchers in Basel have identified a key mechanism that controls the proliferation of cells. The research team was led by the Department of Biomedicine at the University of Basel’s Professor, Verdon...

Alzheimer’s targets brain cells that help people stay awake

For Alzheimer’s patients, daytime drowsiness is often a big problem. Now, thanks to a new study conducted at the University of California, San Francisco, we may know why. Researchers have found that the disease destroys command centers in the brain that work to keep...

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