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Newly Discovered Cells Help Patch Up Scarred Hearts

Once damaged, a heart may lack regenerative properties to heal itself. However, an exciting new study by researchers at the University of Calgary has led to a discovery that allows the body to begin the necessary repairs. Currently heart issues rank on top for cause...

Fasting Boosts Stem Cells’ Regenerative Capacity

A new drug has been found to have similar benefits to that of a 24-hour fast. Stem cells in intestines lose their ability to regenerate new ones over time, which makes it more and more difficult to recover from gastro-related conditions, infections and diseases. A new...

New drug made from stem cells helping with stroke recovery

It is one of the top ten causes of death. In fact, strokes are the fifth leading cause of death in humans. Even more alarming is the fact that strokes top the list of debilitating diseases that can lead to long-term disability. Researchers have been hard at work...

Scientists Use 3D Printing To Create New Stem Cells For Kidney Health

Scientists Use 3D Printing To Create New Stem Cells For Kidney Health

Organovo, a bioprinting company, has submitted a new report regarding a new stem-cell-based process to create kidney tissue using the NovoGen Bioprinter, a 3D bioprinting platform. New data was released showing how the company manufactured complex kidney organoids in...

Discover How Theresa Lost 60 lbs This Year with Keto

Did you know that the ketogenic diet was first used in the 1920s and 1930s as a treatment for epilepsy? It’s true! Although this healing protocol wasn’t called “keto” until many years later, pediatricians looked to this high-fat, low carbohydrate diet as a way to help...

Stem-cell based therapy for type 2 diabetes and obesity

An innovative therapeutic strategy for type 2 diabetes and obesity has been reported in the Experimental Biology & Medicine journal. In China's Jiao Tong University and Ninth People's Hospital in Shanghai, a group of researchers spearheaded by professor Bing Wang...

UCI Team Develops Non-Invasive Bone Cancer Treatment Using Stem Cells

Pharmaceutical researchers at UC Irvine have discovered a new, non-invasive way to kill bone cancer using stem cells in mice. Postdoctoral scholar at UCI, Aude Segaliny, says that the treatment utilizes stem cells collected from bone marrow and modified to have...

Stem cells changed this man’s life

Stem cells changed this man’s life

79-year-old Darryl Brewer loved walking at least an hour each day. But then the discs in his back began acting up, causing him excruciating and debilitating pain. Brewer, out of desperation, attended a Penticton seminar regarding a new kind of regenerative medicine...

Improving the Stamina and Effectiveness of Transplanted Stem Cells

Improving the Stamina and Effectiveness of Transplanted Stem Cells

Stem cell therapies that involve hematopoietic bone marrow transplants are currently being used to treat conditions such as sickle cell anemia, radiation damage, inherited metabolic damage, and cancers of the lymphatic system and blood. The problem is, current bone...

The 5 Causes of Magnesium Deficiency

From our friends at Activation Products Hypomagnesemia is the technical term for dangerously low levels of magnesium in the body. It’s typically caused by inadequate intake of dietary magnesium or the body’s inability to absorb magnesium. How does that happen? We know...

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