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New drug made from stem cells helping with stroke recovery

Nov 5, 2019

It is one of the top ten causes of death.

In fact, strokes are the fifth leading cause of death in humans. Even more alarming is the fact that strokes top the list of debilitating diseases that can lead to long-term disability. Researchers have been hard at work developing drugs that use stem cells in order to assist us in recovery from a stroke and great strides have been taken.

Many people who have suffered a stroke, struggle with performing simple tasks. Writing, walking, and even talking can present challenges and obstacles that these folks have never had to deal with before. Simply signing their name becomes close to impossible and mobility can only be achieved with a walker or crutches. But there is now hope on the horizon.

Clinical trials of new medications that utilize stem cells are now changing many lives and providing promises of a better outcome and recovery. Some people have experienced gradual improvement while others see outstanding results right away from the initial treatment. A renewed optimism has overwhelmed people who are now enjoying accomplishments that seemed unreachable before their stem cell treatment.

The treatment normally consists of an injection of the medication and stem cells into the brain. Until now, stroke patients were limited to traditional and painful conventional therapy. This new frontier that has been established has swung doors wide open and stem cell research can aid greatly in the stroke recovery process.

Unfortunately, many stroke victims are pushed to the point where hope is gone and they can even develop feelings of giving up. Stem cell treatment has returned that hope and is now providing life-changing results. Researchers are always working on medical treatments that can improve the lives of stroke sufferers as well as all other diseases. This treatment is one of the positive steps in their efforts.

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