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Stem cells changed this man’s life

Oct 9, 2019

79-year-old Darryl Brewer loved walking at least an hour each day.

But then the discs in his back began acting up, causing him excruciating and debilitating pain.

Brewer, out of desperation, attended a Penticton seminar regarding a new kind of regenerative medicine called stem cell therapy. The treatment was in Idaho, but Brewer’s back surgery in Canada was delayed and he was at his wit’s end, so he decided to drive all the way to the clinic for a consultation.

There, Brewer stayed at a hotel and consulted with the professionals the following day.

The doctor at the Idaho clinic warned the Keremeos-based resident that the procedure may not have the intended effect, and that he may only receive a partial refund for the $5,000 cost if it was unsuccessful. After an hour, Brewer decided to undergo the regenerative treatment.

Brewer mentions that he was desperate enough to try anything just so he could be free from the severe pain he was feeling day in and day out.

Stem cells were injected to the area on his back that was causing issues. After just three days, Brewer said that the chronic pain was completely gone. Though there was still some level of discomfort, he assumed that it was normal and part of the aging process.

When asked about the treatment, the 79 year old mentioned that therapy was simple – the clinic bought stem cells from a lab, removed its DNA and injected them into the problem area. Because of the absence of DNA, the new cells may be introduced without worrying about the body rejecting it.

Just like in the U.S. and other parts of the world, stem cell therapy is a controversial topic in Canada. Health Canada, in May, announced that the regenerative therapy could be classified as a form of drug treatment, but must go through rigorous testing and be formally approved before it could be offered to everyone.

Furthermore, Health Canada mentions that they have been shutting down clinics that offer stem cell therapy, saying that there’s still a lack of evidence that proves its safety and that long-term effects are still largely unknown.

After the stem cell procedure, Brewer is proud to say that he’s gone back to his normal routine. The 79 year old mentions that he feels angry and disappointed that the Canadian medical system only thinks about applying band-aid solutions to chronic and painful health problems.

Looking back, Brewer felt that his doctors weren’t being totally honest about his chances of getting his health back on the 4-hour surgery they were recommending. All the years he lived, Brewer thought that what the medical professionals were saying was true and he didn’t question it.

Before, Brewer would be confined indoors because of the chronic pain. Now, he says that he’s out working in the yard each day, doing landscaping projects after his stem cell treatment in Idaho. He feels that now he’s able to do more than what he’d assumed he could do, thanks to the regenerative medicine he received.

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The Healing Miracle Team

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  1. Michael Derric Clark

    I attended the Stem Cell clinic in Panama having stem cells via IV…. Injections of Stem Cells each side of the spine and under the left knee.
    It was expensive and I had to spend £4k just for the flights to and back from UK to Panama
    That happened at Christmas last! In last November the NHS offered me artificial knee! They could do nothing but give me 6 weeks hydrotherapy for the rupture of two vertebrae in the lumber region of my back. I am an avid dancer and had stopped dancing almost two years previous due to the pain in knee and back with regular spasms almost paralyzing me.
    Within days of the treatment in Panama I felt ten times better and the pain in my knee and back was subsiding.
    I started dancing again by February this year. I am now dancing at least three nights a week and carrying on each day as well as I was ten years ago!

    Michael Clark

  2. Ellen Birgitte Ihlen

    I am wondering if they have tried this on people with osteopherosis?

    • THM Team

      While there is a great deal of ongoing research into the benefits of stem cell therapy for various conditions, injuries and diseases, for specific conditions we recommend:

      · searching the internet using a simple Google search to find recent articles, studies and research (ie “”stem cell + _________””)

      · join the Facebook group Stem Cells 101 and ask that community to share their experience about this condition

  3. Thu Truong

    That is great! Stem cells treatment is the best solution to wish for!

  4. MAIRI


    • Judy

      I had stem cell replacement one week ago today. Don’t feel different yet but excited for the future, Everyone is different and the Doctor said it can take up to a year to see all the benefits,

  5. Susan Thomas

    My son has degenerative disc disease in 2 discs and is having trouble working. His Dr who is a stem cell specialist said that the stem cell therapy he wants to do is not FDA approved and cannot do it until approved. Can you tell me who this Dr in Idaho is? Maybe he can help?

    • THM Team

      A network of stem cell specialists are available to provide more personalized answers – They can connect you with a stem cell specialist in your area to answer the question, “Are Stem Cells Right For You?” and to help you find the solution that works best for you. Additionally, a simple Google search (“stem cell clinic” + your region) will pull up a list of treatment centers near you. Always consult your own health care provider to ensure your care is in the best possible hands.

  6. Susan Castle Mrs

    sounds good to me

  7. Garry

    You should do a report on what the FDA is doing to Us Stem Cell in Florida.

    • THM Team

      We will pass this along to our researchers.

  8. Joe

    He never mentions how much this cost. I don’t believe medical insurance covers this procedure and the article also doesn’t mention exactly what was wrong with his back; so we are left in the dark. This type of info doesn’t help me or anyone else for that matter. You should be more specific about everything mentioned.

    • Sylvie

      He did mention $5,000 So, it seems like this was the cost of the treatmentOf course getting an appt. and going to the USA would be costly as well,

  9. Huska

    Agree that Health Canada should open up to the use of stem cell do some insurance companies. I have suffered enough from bandaiding health care. As a former RN I know first hand how extremely backwards our system is. Its sad when we have highly i telligent universities doing exporation on this topic. Seems only the wealthy can afford. The rest of Canadians are sacroficial lambs dying waiting for ie MRIs / other diagnostic tests etc. costing the health care system more monies in the long run!
    Free does not mean good when lack of funding from Ostriches govering bodies(bueroracts provincial & federal)prevent senseible timely affordable health care that is not 20-50yrs behind tech proven discoveries etc. Plus good quality health care i insurance that does not cost you your whole life savings&/ pensions & actually in the long run costing this outdated Canadian Health Care system more money from patch work & even very harmful (ie the opiod crisis) care.

  10. Herta Jevremov

    Give everyone the information site where they can be informed


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